Runners everywhere want an opportunity to race IN DENIM! has inspired numerous people to jog in jeans. In addition, denim-clad race teams have also been formed and there was even a small farm race.

But, ya know what?, I would LOVE to see a BIG denim-themed race.

The Denim Dash?

Jorts and Jeans Jaunt?

Jog in Jeans 5K?

Make Jill Happy Half?

Okay, that last one was awesome ridiculous but you get my drift. People have been WAITING for an opportunity to cut their old jeans into jorts, squeeze into their tightest skinny jeans, or create more denim-inspired outfits (like the denim thong or denim calf sleeves) and run with others! It’s a good idea, right? Better than running while people throw colored powder on you. Just saying…

I would travel for this race. I would promote the hell out of it on this site. I would volunteer to hand out the “I jogged IN JEANS!” tshirts, bibs, and chip timers. I would stand at the finish line and hug runners as they crossed. My laugh lines would be a whole eighth of an inch deeper from all the smiling but it would be totally worth it.

If you, Dear Readers, happen to know any race organizers, sent me their names and email addresses and phone numbers and home addresses so I can harass them until a denim-themed race happens (or until I have 12 restraining orders against me, whichever comes first).

To the race directors that read this blog (ahem, Ilana): make this happen. Thanks. I’ll be holding my breath waiting for your call.

Speaking of Ilana, she is the race director for the Run for Good Racing Company and yesterday snapped this cutie running IN JEANS in the rain.


Not only was Ilana recently married (congrats, Girl), she is also really smart and sweet and pretty. [Yes, I’m sucking up-ya never know!] 🙂

If you are a runner near the Seattle area, be sure to go to the Run for Good Racing Company website and sign up for the e-newsletter and follow on Twitter.

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