Really? There is another like me?!

There have been several really great jean-jogging things that came my way in the social media world last week.

First, there was this Tweet from @laurrdunn:


Sums up her existence?! What?! So of course I click her profile and see this:


And she lives in Pittsburgh! And she is a runner! And she is a student in the same University where I work! If I wasn’t old enough to be her mother, I would definitely stalk her and force her to be my new best friend. Seriously, who would believe that there are two of us in this world?

Lauren, if you ever want a forum to talk about your obsession, is the place! You can be a guest writer whenever you want!

And then there was @David_M_Bixby and his out-of-the-blue Tweet:


[See, I’m doing important work here.]

And, finally, how about this little future jean-jogger modeling a pair of Nike Frees on Runner’s World’s Facebook page?


[My uterus doesn’t ache often, but this little bitty foot made it happen.]

Thanks, Katy, for sharing the link!

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  1. By the way, I learned something the hard way. I picked up a new road bike and had to ride it on the trainer for a few minutes for the final fitting. Didn’t think it would take long, so I didn’t bring bike shorts. Just work my jeans.

    I am chaffed.

    • I’m keeping a tally of all these “it was horrible” and “I am chaffed” comments to use for my response when people pressure me to wear denim for exercise. No thanks. 😉

  2. There is nobody like you.

  3. mary long

     /  February 12, 2013

    LMAO to this—–> [My uterus doesn’t ache often, but this little bitty foot made it happen.]

    Small world to not only find a mini Jill but she has been right there in your back yard this whole time! Small world indeed :0)

  4. Your post made me laugh out loud.

  5. trikatykid

     /  February 12, 2013

    Have I ever mentioned that I love you?

  6. laurrdunn

     /  February 12, 2013

    This post made my entire day! Thank you!!!! I’m gonna have to start being sneaky when I come across jean runners now…my favorites are the ones on the treadmills at the gym! I will definitely be sharing on here more often! Still can’t believe what a small world it is, thanks again for making my day! -from one pittsburgher to another! 🙂


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