Running Costumes with Denim – Man Taking Shower

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Rockin’ it on the elliptical machines IN JEANS

At least this girl in the first picture has her hair situation under control. 🙂





More running in jeans with hair down

It is a common pet peeve of women to see other girls running and working out with their hair down. And by “down” I mean no hair tie or hairband keeping sweaty strands from bouncing off faces, necks, and shoulders. As someone that always has her hair securely fashioned during all fitness activities and is very distracted by even a loose strand or two, I cannot imagine how women do this.

I’ve come across a couple of pictures that combine running in denim with loose hair.



Taken at last year’s Race for the Cure in Knoxville, TN.

Treadmill, jeans, and flip flops


I apologize by saying, “I’m sorry.”

I think this is the last I-suck-at-managing-my-inbox post (although, if someone out there sent me something and I don’t even know I forgot about it, please let me know. Gosh, I can’t even imagine what old age is going to be like with my memory ALREADY this shitty).

This picture comes from Marilou, LUGS blogger, and was taken at Minoru Park in Richmond, BC. She was walking with her husband and got the urge to go for a jog IN JEANS.


And while I was just going to deliver a heartfelt apology to Marilou, she commented in the post that had my apology to Dan that she wanted a beer. So to Marilou: sorry I forgot about your email and, if you are ever in Pittsburgh, drinks are on me!

I apologize by asking others to love you.

The next “forgot about” photo comes from one of my favorite weightlifting bloggers, Colin, over at UberBeastMode. He knows his stuff and seems like a super-nice guy. If you are a runner, still head on over and throw him a little love because he has a 7K coming up this weekend. As a “weight lifter who runs” myself, we face different challenges than those of you that consider yourself a runner first and foremost. So go and be especially encouraging to him as a favor to me. Thanks, Loves.

“So I got one today. Unfortunately actual exercise is not happening, but he’s taking up a machine while he leans up against it wearing his baggy jeans, big chain and sunglasses. I tried to get him during an actual exercise, but in his 30-45 minutes of being there he probably did 2 actual sets. 🙂 Also I snapped another one. Not for your site, but just your own personal entertainment. This guy was wearing flannel pj’s while doing bicep curls on the incline tricep extension machine.”


And to those fellow gym-goers who are thinking, “Oh…I want to see the flannel PJ pic!!” It is too good not to share:


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