But did any running actually happen?

The pictures are in! The pictures are in! The pictures are in of Jort House Mafia at Sunday’s KELLY St. Patrick’s Shamrock 5K in Baltimore.

And, yes, that is Mike rockin’ GREEN JORTS. And the chick in the second picture wearing jean skirt overalls? Too awesome for words.






With this post, Jorts House Mafia officially earned it’s own category on JoggingJeans.com. To see the previous posts (worth a look, they are some of my favorites), click here.

UPDATE: At least one jort-wearer (bib #73 and Boyfriend #9) ACTUALLY did some running. Proof:


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  1. That’s it. We HAVE to run the half in jorts.

  2. There was no running. Not with all that beer.
    Sadly, I missed it all. Why the hell was all the St. Patrick’s Day stuff this past weekend? Silly Baltimore City planner people.

    • There is already talk of next year’s race. I’ll get it on your calendar early. 🙂

  3. mary long

     /  March 12, 2013

    Looks like fun! I want to hang with the ones guarding the beer.


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