Don’t know what to wear for your next obstacle race or mud run? Try JEANS!


Doug Smith ran the Devil Dash in Boulder City, Nevada last month. The Devil Dash is a 5K course featuring mud, barbed wire, and other obstacles. He wore Levi’s jeans and found that they helped avoid rope burns, cuts, and scratches during the obstacles.

He wrote to Levi’s: I finished with only a few minor abrasions. With just exercise clothes or shorts, those abrasions would have been bleeding lacerations from sharp rocks and parts of the obstacles I came in contact with. The 510s™ are excellent because of the tight fit. And given the stretch they have, they didn’t impact my ability to run or go over/under/through the obstacles.

I have worn that pair of 510s™ about 800 days now, over three plus years. They weren’t even damaged during the event, even though I was crawling on hands and knees in rocky sand and mud and scraping across ropes.

And the mud did not penetrate the outer layer or the jeans. I was clean on the inside!

Follow Doug’s lead. Wear jeans for your next obstacle race or mud run. And, as always, send me pictures of your muddy, denim-wearing self.

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  1. Wow! This is the first time anyone has referenced anything I have done in the exercise world! I am famous!

    During that race, my time beat 82% of the 20-25 age group even though I was 67 then (68 now).

    If you wear jeans for an event like this they must be tight with some stretch like Levis 510s. Loose jeans will be a problem, not the least of which will be mud, sand, and rocks getting inside the legs. Loose jeans also will not provide as much protection because they can slide over the skin and will hold more water as well.

    Just did the Terrain Racing event here two days ago. MUCH more difficult than the Devil Dash and my legs would have been really sliced up if not for the Levis 510s.

  1. Welcome to the Jarty | JoggingJeans

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