Welcome to the Jarty

The three little words I LOVE to hear?

“You were right.”

You should listen to me more, People. One, because I AM right a lot. And, two, because I like to hear those words.

I told you that you should all do your mud runs in denim. Turns out, it is so much fun that a new word has been invented.

WDWarriorDashHaving someone lift your leg while wearing short jorts is a bit dangerous, dontcha think?

Newcomers: You will be loved here (and maybe groped a little)

I am not sure where all you new followers came from but let me be the first to plant a big kiss on your lips and hug you while I reach around and give your ass a grab. Then I want to look deeply into your eyes and ask, “What the hell is wrong with you for wanting to continually visit a site that does nothing more than display pictures of people jogging and exercising in jeans?

After you recover from all the groping, I want an answer.

And if you don’t feel too molested and decide to stick around, here is some other things you need to know:

– I don’t jog in jeans. I wear normal, appropriate workout clothing.

– Denim-wearing joggers are more awesome than most runners. This is a fact. A fact in Jill-World.

– I’m married but will steal your jean-jogging boyfriend or husband as my own in a second. Not to self: update boyfriend list.

– You will be loved here. I’ve said the following things before:

  • I have much love for the viewers of my blog that visit sporadically.
  • If you 1) visit regularly, 2) are an email follower, and/or 3) leave comments, my love for you is doubled.
  • If you think of me when you see people jogging or exercising in jeans, you get triple love from me.
  • You instantly reach a super-high level and get quadruple love if you send me a picture of someone running or exercising in jeans.
  • If you run in denim BECAUSE of this site then you have reached the highest echelon of my love. That is love multiplied times a bazillion for those of you who are keeping track. Disclaimer: only a few select people can handle this level of love from me. Here is example #1.

– The last thing you need to know is that I live in Pittsburgh and love this city. If you are anti-Pittsburgh based on your Pittsburgh Football Hate (TM) or some other cockamaney preconceived notion about this city, give me one hour of your time to show you around. Seriously. I love to meet followers and/or fellow bloggers. Mr. Creepo, this offer is not extended to you.

So today’s picture is example #2 of someone that can handle the amount of love I can dish out: the lastest “Danny” character, Danny Japri, at the Sulphur Springs 5K this weekend.


(japris = jean capris)

And click on this link to see him in an action shot. He’s in the grass, passing all the losers in cotton shorts.


Newcomers, it is worth checking out the past denim-clad characters here.

Again, welcome, glad to have you around. [smooch]

Put your [denim] asses in the air like you just don’t care





Zac Efron jogging IN JEANS



I’m calling these jeans and not jorts because Dan, AKA RipVanRacer, says so.

Thanks to Buzzfeed for the pics.

h/t to Josh and everyone else after him who sent me the link!

IF* I ever run in denim….

…the jorts I wear will be short.

I’m old and have huge quads (yes, I squat, A LOT), but I don’t care. The less denim touching me, the better.

No way will I be like this guy:


Or this guy:


Click here to see a Vine of this guy running. A side note: the video was shot by some comedian/actor that I never heard of  until now.

*A BIG if.

Leg day at the gym IN JEANS

When I see someone in the weight room of the gym in jeans, my first thought is, “Must not be leg day.”

Uh…not so fast.


And, yes, he is using this machine backwards.



One lap will be better than all the other laps

Remember my new friend, Andrew?

The other half of StrideAndJoy‘s Tracey? The Andrew and Tracey who added the Pittsburgh Marathon to their race schedule this year for an awesome weekend with me and RunningHaiku‘s Charla? The guy who showed up at our first-ever meeting for the Pittsburgh Marathon 5K IN JORTS? The guy who would totally be added to my boyfriend list except for the rule I have that if I know they guy’s wife and she is lovelier than all loveliness, then he immediately becomes ineligible? Yeah, THAT Andrew. If you haven’t been paying attention, then I have two words for you: PAY ATTENTION.

AndrewPay special attention because on July 20th in Philadelphia, Andrew will be running 24 hours straight to raise money for Back on My Feet. The object of the challenge is to run as many laps of the 8.4-mile course as possible in 24 hours. [Let that seep in for a sec – he is running 24 hours straight! CRAZY!]. The best part? Andrew will be donning jorts for one of these laps!!

If you haven’t heard, Back on My Feet is a non-profit organization that helps people who are homeless to rebuild their lives through running. It is a growing organization with chapters in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Indianapolis,  Maryland, New York City, and Washington DC.

You can support Andrew’s efforts and this great organization here.

I think he knows my answer

MrMarcusEsquireMThese photos were take before and after the Iowa Games sponsored Mud Run on June 15, 2013. Thanks, Marcus!!

Cute chicks IN DENIM

Cute chick #1:

Cutie1Cutie #2:



Whoa! I might have YET another soul mate.

Sean Hutchinson introduced @SwimmingInJeans to me. How awesome was our first conversation?


Although you are a fan of full-length jeans at the pool, this is the best I could find for you, New Friend:

SwimmingHe (or I guess it could be a she) needs Twitter followers. Do it. For me. You got two clicks in you, right?: @SwimmingInJeans

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