“Jorts” added to the Oxford English Dictionary

To all you “Words with Friends” players that sent me screen shots of your rejected “jorts” word in the past, fret no more!


It has been announced that “Jortshas been added to the latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. Yay for us here at JoggingJeans.com!




“There is much to learn from a person who runs in jeans.”

A comment left on my site yesterday by Odeus:

“Running or jogging jeans is all about transcending all the normal BS materials and rituals people think they need in order to run well.  It’s about being someone who will run whenever and wherever the moment strikes.  There is much to learn from a person who runs in jeans.”

Odeus, you are a wise wise man.

JeansRun(And a thanks to Jeff for today’s picture)

Professional baseball players on the field IN JEANS!?

The BIGGEST shout out to Bob for thinking of me and sending me the following picture of a player of the Hiroshima Toyo Carps, a professional baseball team in Japan’s Central League.


I can’t say anything better than what @yakulto, the guy who posted the photo on Twitter said, “Wow. The Carp are rocking some top-tier fugly threads this evening.”

[Speaking of baseball, how ’bout those Pirates?! Twenty years of losing seasons to possible playoff contention?! Pinch me.]

Reason #585 why Pittsburgh is awesome

Need another reason why Pittsburgh is awesome? Of course you don’t, because you know it already and believe it with all your heart. But reason #585 is that Pittsburghers jog in jeans. We’ve seen the Genesis Riverside 10K Runner, the Great Race Runner, and the guy I creepily stalked with binoculars.

And because of Kristy, lover of running and all things Pittsburgh, we know of another:


Kristy blogs over at PGHRunner and is worthy of a follow there and on Twitter (@PGHRunner). However, based on the crazy-large number of my Twitter people that follow her already, I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

Denim AND inappropriate footwear at the gym – Girl Version

The last post was about the guys and their poor clothing and footwear choices at the gym. Today’s post is about the girls. Enjoy.




Denim AND inappropriate footwear at the gym – Guy Version

Since the first installment of Denim AND inappropriate footwear at the gym was such a hit, I’m doing a couple of more just like it. Fortunately for us, there are many people who make poor workout clothing and workout shoe decisions. Today is dedicated to the guys.






I <3 Race Directors

If you have websites that post pictures of people running in odd clothing, it is AWESOME to have a race director following your sites.

Ilana is race director for Run for Good Racing Company in Seattle, and she is always supplying me with material for this site and for Best Race Costumes.

From the Good Karma 5K in May:


From the Run Like the Wind Running Festival in June:

WindThanks, Ilana! Oh, and BTW, I’m still waiting for you to organize a Denim Dash, a Jorts and Jeans Jaunt, or a Jog in Jeans 5K. I’ll visit Seattle that weekend and be your #1 volunteer. Let me know so I can clear my schedule. 😉

If there wasn’t photographic evidence, I wouldn’t believe it.


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