Plantar fasciitis can ruin some good-ass plans

Pittsburgh’s Great Race is three weeks away. Despite the crowds (and I mean LOADS of runners for a 10K), I love this race. The 10K takes you though the streets of Squirrel Hill, Oakland, Updown, and Downtown Pittsburgh neighborhoods. The spectators are great; all the colleges you pass (CMU, Pitt, Carlow, Robert Morris, who did I miss?) have cheerleaders, musicians, and students lining the streets. Plus, because the 5K was my first ever race (just 5 years ago), it has a special little cubbie hole in my heart. The fact that the finish line is IN MY BACKYARD only sweetens the deal.

For this year’s race, I had this whole idea to create a Team Jorts. I was going to put it out there if I could get 10 of you to run in denim, I too would run for the first time in jorts. Really, I had plans to collect the post-race sweat of the 10 people that agreed to do this so that I could have their awesomeness to carry around with me wherever I go.

However, plantar fasciitis has kept me from running since the day of my first half marathon in May. [My recap was kick-ass so go read it (again)].

If you have never experienced this horrible horrible ailment, I have three words for you: IT SUCKS. BAD.

It basically feels like someone is sticking an ice pick in your foot every time you bear weight. For months now, you could find me eating ibuprofen like Skittles, icing my heal, stretching, and cursing at regular intervals…all until two weeks ago when I got a shot of cortisone. Halleluiah. Thank God for ginormous needles filled with powerful anti-inflammatories. My heel feels SO MUCH better.

If I continue along this path of feeling good, and I am dedicated to resting and letting it heal in the next few weeks, I may still consider running the Great Race. But, obviously, I will be doing it pretty much untrained. And I won’t be in jorts. I decided that if I’m going to run in jorts, I need to be at my best. If people are going to point and laugh at me, I at least want to be kicking asphalt dust into their faces as I whiz by them. Next year, People. Next year is the year that Team Jorts rocks Pittsburgh.

However, there is some good news: one of my favorite jean-joggers is coming to Pittsburgh to run the race. I’m hoping we can see each other for at least a ‘hey.’

DannyDonutHere he is as Danny Donut (going double-denim with jorts and jean vest) at the finish line of the Piqua Heritage Festival 5K last weekend. The donut in his mouth is because he was practicing for next weekend’s Celina Donut Dash. And the containers under his arm? He needs a way to carry his donuts, doesn’t he? BTW, he PR’ed for his fastest mile while carrying a dozen donuts (6:10). Wonder if that is Guinness worthy?

Anyone else have Pittsburgh’s Great Race on your race schedule this year?

And save those old jeans to cut into jorts for next year’s race. You are all invited to be a member of Team Jorts in 2014!

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  1. Having suffered/suffering with plantar fasciitis, I know your pain. It sucks when you have a race you want to do, but can’t because you haven’t trained properly for it. Pittsburgh isn’t that far for me…I may have to plan a runcation to join team jort next year. If you do it, please keep me in mind!

  2. SO sorry about the plantar! That really sucks. I remember you talking about this race when we were in Pittsburgh. You know Andrew and I will be there on Team Jorts next year!! 🙂 xx

  3. Don’t our bodies know we’re trying to do something good by running? Why must they punish us?? Hope you heal soon!

  4. Ugh. PF. I’m struggling with it right now while I stupidly train for my upcoming winter marathon season (2 = a ‘season’, right?).
    Just ordered a little foot-rolly ball thing and some feetures pf foot sleeves (I’m gonna be super sexy!) and picked up some Dr. Scholl’s inserts at the ol’ Walgreens.
    Stupid, STUPID PF!
    Good luck with yours.

  5. oh dear,, you with foot pain, me with shoulder pain, it really sucks. hope you heal well and soon!

  6. So sorry to hear about the plantar fasciitis! I have a lingering knee injury, so I REALLY understand the frustration… I was sidelined for a solid 10 weeks this year and could barely walk at times. It’s a huge bummer, but I have complete faith that you’ll be back and better than ever!

  7. Mary

     /  September 9, 2013

    He carried those containers under his arm? That’s what back packs are for! I would have lived to see him fish out a doughnut while running and not drop any 🙂
    As for you Ms. Jill… Watch that foot! Sit out this year so that you can be truly awesome next year. Take care of you 🙂

  8. I feel your pain. Literally. That is one of the worst injuries ever. I had to sleep in a boot for 3 months. Hope it goes away soon!

  9. Double denim? He dared? I am impressed. And I feel your pain as well…I have PF that I deal with every day, and back in 2007, I went the six months no exercise/boot/PT/multiple cortisone shots/depression route. Good times. Please tell me that you have custom orthotics now and that you never walk barefoot. I won’t be able to sleep at night otherwise. They are lifesavers!

    • You still have pain? Did your break in 2007 help at all? I did get custom orthotics. Do you run in yours? Been wondering about that for when I start again.

      Unfortunately, I haven’t been in heels or barefoot/flip flops since March. 😦

      We need to start a pf support group.

  10. pinkelephantonparade

     /  September 9, 2013

    It’s so true, I wouldn’t want to shame the jorts either with a lackluster performance. Your jorts deserve only the best you that you can be, and soon enough you’ll be back to that level.

  11. Did you roll out the bottom of your foot with a golf ball and or tennis ball? Rolling out the fascia really helps!!!

  12. In related/not related news, at the gym yesterday there was a guy on the recumbent bike in belted jeans. Sadly, I did not have my camera handy or I would have a picture to share.

  13. lisa

     /  September 9, 2013

    oh no. afs, aka angry foot syndrome. yeah, no fun. i’ve got it, too, for the umpteenth time since 2005. grrrr. find yourself a good physical therapist. the cortisone shot will make things feel better, but it’s not a cure. often, there’s nothing wrong with your foot; rather, the injury’s a result of a biomechanical imbalance, weakness, poor form, etc. blarg.

    …i wanna be on team jorts when i’m healthy, too! heal fast!

  14. ripvanracer

     /  September 10, 2013

    Lisa, you brought up a great point. My belief is that PF originates in the sciatic nerve. Unfortunately, most of the “cures” are treating the symptom and not the cause. The only problem is it is also very difficult to “treat” a sciatic nerve irritation and regardless of what you do a nerve may not recover for 6 months or more.

  15. I hope your PF stays away for good. It can be hard to heal so only do the race if you think it is good to go. If you can’t run, you can always use it as a picture taking day 😉

  16. It’s been a while since you wrote this, so I hope you’re feeling better and the PF has gone away. I would totally join you for Team Jorts! Plus, it’d be a good reason to visit your city. If I push the baby in her stroller, does it count if she’s in jeans, too? (I don’t know why baby jeans exist, but that’s a complaint for another time!) Based on this comments section, I have a feeling that Team Jorts would be heavily made up of quirky bloggers… 😉

    I hope your foot is doing better! And if not, I hope it gets there asap!


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