When your friends tease you, come see me.

If your friends tease you for doing something awesome IN JEANS, come see me. I will love you and support you in your jean-wearing awesomeness.

Rich writes,

Last summer I hiked the highest peak in the lower 48 – in jeans. My friends made fun of me the whole way. 

The hike takes two days.  I did it all in the same pair of jeans.  The first day we hiked up to about 11,000ft and stayed overnight.  Day 2 we made the summit at 14,500ft and then hiked down.  My jeans held up quite well compared to the “cool” synthetic pants everyone else was wearing 😉

Whitney(The second coolest photo seen on JoggingJeans.com. The best photo? This one)

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  1. Mary

     /  September 17, 2013

    I see nothing wrong with hiking in jeans. I do it in cooler temps all the time. You stay warmer and you can push through the brush without ruining your pants… Hike on brother! Cool picture too 🙂


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