Baby Love and Jogging in Jeans

Tiffany had her baby! Tiffany had her baby! I’m counting on her to be the first mom to put her toddler in jeans and sneakers and send me video of the little one running on a track. Meet GORGEOUS little Madison Mei:


Tiffany will be a good mom, no doubt. I can say this because she is very observant – no jean joggers can get past her. Below are the FOUR denim-wearing runners she has seen this summer in her town of Boston.





A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Tiffany, her husband, and Tonto!

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  1. I am always amazed how many people you find running in jeans. I am always on the lookout to snap a pic for you!

  2. When I was 4 months pregnant, I really thought about running in jorts for you once I had a really big belly, but by the 8 month mark, I just couldn’t find the energy (to find jorts that would fit me)!

    Congrats to Tiffany!


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