Tonight on the 11:00 evening news: Jorts at the Twin Cities Marathon

I should be an investigative reporter. I can piece shit together and get the story told. Especially when it comes to something that I am passionate about – like marathon runners in jorts.

I stumbled upon this picture in a gallery of photos dedicated to last month’s Twin Cities Marathon. After unsuccessfully trying to blow up the photo to get a better look, I wondered to myself, “Are those jorts?”

JortsThen I found the blog of a spectator at the marathon who shared this observation:

11:45 – A guy wearing a headband, midriff-exposing t-shirt, and cut-off jorts (that is jean shorts for you non-hip folks) runs into our station. After he grabs his third Dixie cup of Corona, I wonder if we will need to cut him off. But after pounding it in record fashion, he runs off – on pace to finish 30 minutes faster than I ever did while wearing proper running shorts and properly hydrating with water and Gatorade.

1. I gotta find this jort-wearing, Corona-drinking hunk of man.

2. CNN, call me. I can start tomorrow.

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