Running in jeans and socks + More (Mad Men opinions appreciated)




The “+ More”

MadMenCan we talk TV for a minute? Specifically, Mad Men? Who watches? I finished the first season last weekend and feel very ‘meh’ about it. The IMDB ratings are high and it wins awards every time I turn around, so part of me is saying, “Hang on and give it a little more time.” But the other part of me knows that if I cross into season 2, I am committed until the end. Does it get better? Opinions appreciated.

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  1. Haha, I love the first picture!

  2. I LOVE Mad Men, but I also liked the first season pretty well if I remember. It is a show that you need to stick with…but worth it in my opinion.

    And seriously, jeans on a treadmill? That’s wild.

  3. It is really phenomenal. If I recall correctly, the first season was a bit slow.
    But really, just watch for the gorgeousness that is Jon Hamm.

  4. I started drinking vodka because of Mad Men! We watched the first 5 seasons last February/march to get caught up for season 6. I am a HUGE fan! I liked season 1 but 2 was better.
    Socks? Is that the equivalent of minimalist running in the winter, maybe?


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