Do you know the runner known as Coatman?

You all know of Coatman, right? The marathon runner who wears a winter coat (which is sometimes DENIM), a big tie, and dress shoes, and carries a tray topped with a bottle and glass, waiter-style? Yeah, he has completed over 125 marathons.


CoatmanApparently, the name for people that wear something or carry something that makes it considerably more difficult to finish a race are called “stunt runners.” I love me some stunt runners!

UPDATE: The runner known as Coatman left a comment (see below). And, yes, he did ask if I would be his agent. Levi’s, contact me, and let’s get something goin’ with you and the awesome Coatman!


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  1. Oh my god. I’m chafed just looking at him. Go Stunt Runner, Go!

  2. dennis coatman marsella

     /  May 28, 2014

    hey, this is coatman the guy who has run 26 mile marathons in a denim coat and was in runners world doing it. Im still going strong and thanks for putting me on. be my agent and ill give you 30 percent from any denim company you hook me up with. stay in touch COATMAN

    • I had to move Coatman’s comment from the “Feedback from Visitors” thread to this one. He is still going strong! Rock on, Coatman!

  3. jill, its calvin klein and Versace that would go for this, I run in new York! COATMAN

  4. I think I ran behind him during my Miami half marathon a few years back. 🙂


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