Run (in Jeans) Just Because

Run Just Because blogger left this comment on a recent post and it MADE MY DAY.

Back when I was in military service, we had a fitness test that involved a 2.4km run. In order to get an “A” for that part of the test, we had to run it in under 9:45. A month before the test I was doing 11 minutes. I spent the next four weeks doing 3-4km runs in my heavy field boots and jeans till I could clear the 2.4k in 10 minutes. On test day, I ditched the jeans and boots for PT kit and runners and ran 9:15. Success from running in jeans!

Write that down. Remember it.



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  1. Martha B

     /  June 15, 2014

    That puts a whole new spin on things! I’m assuming jeans thong guy wasn’t doing this, though. But seriously, go “Run Just Because!” on the speedy pace!

  2. I don’t know if you read The Hungry Runner Girl blog, but her sister just ran 5 miles with HRG at the end of a marathon to help her finish the race and the sister was wearing jeans and flip flops. It was a pretty sweet way to support her sister.


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