2014 = the year of “I suck at running.”

Most of you: “I sign up for races to keep me motivated and on track with my training. I need to have a goal.” [creates detailed training schedule and does a fairly good job of sticking to it]

Me (phase 1): “I sign up for races to keep me motivated and on track with my training. I need to have a goal.” [creates detailed training schedule]

Me (phase 2): “Running feels so terrible. I will wait a bit and begin training closer to race day.” [reworks training schedule]

Me (phase 3): “Why should I be miserable during training runs AND during the race? Why not be miserable just once on race day?” [violently rips up training schedule]

Me (race day): “I hate myself so much.”

If you couldn’t tell, 2014 has been the year of running races untrained. The particular races where I sucked at running? Here ya go:

  • 2014 Pittsburgh Half Marathon (May)
  • Great Race 10K (September)
  • Pittsburgh EQT 10 miler (last week)

In Maybe Marathoner fashion, here is the analysis of the last few moments of last week’s race:Mile9.9But, the good news is that the weight lifter in me has been rockin’ in at the gym. Showing up every morning as the doors are unlocked and bouncing  from my pre-workout drink of who-knows-what chemicals to get started. And then very once in awhile, I get a gym bonus – today’s was seeing this lovely lady in her embroidered-pocket jeans on the elliptical.


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  1. It’s sad how much I am laughing at this! Why do race pics always make it look like we are mall walking????????

  2. Martha B

     /  November 15, 2014

    I think we are on similar life trajectories for 2014… Untrained races are simply the best kind of races. Also, I like cramming for half marathons. A weeklong training cycle plus a week of carb loading and tapering seems to do the trick.
    I don’t think your race pic is anywhere near some of the worst I’ve seen. You do look pissed though. Like I am glad I wasn’t waiting for you at the finish line because you look like you’re fixing to punch someone in the face. Must be all those heavy lifting sessions bringing out your beast mode 🙂 You go, Jill!

  3. Charla Neuman

     /  November 15, 2014

    Just because I’ve fallen off the face of the earth doesn’t mean I love you any less. In fact, this post makes me love you more.

  4. I was scheduled to do my 4th untrained 10k this year this morning.. but the fleece sheets and down comforter decided otherwise..

    Happy to hear you’re lifting though! 😉

  5. Hmm… Maybe, just maybe, you weren’t in appropriate running attire? 😉 That aside, hats off for making it to the start line regardless, beating the millions of peopled that DNSed. And bonus points for going to the gym and pumping those guns – I’m willing to bet you’d out-lift me and my scrawny arms.

  6. Ha, nice! I went to a talk by Meb last night. He said he has days when he doesn’t want to train either, but forces himself, and recommends getting a training partner, and eventually you get moving and feel better and then it becomes a habit.

  7. Hey…at least you DID the races instead of bailing on them, so kudos to you, girl! And maybe that not-so-good feeling will help you avoid that in 2015. 😉


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