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The “+ More” = A Little About Me

Reading about Elisa’s kitchen renovation has got me reminiscing about all the work we did on our condo a few years ago. Our renovation was a MAJOR one. I’m talking demolish-and-rebuild MAJOR, every square inch. We learned one important thing during it: NEVER undergo a whole-home renovation. It sucks on so many levels.

Anyway, during the work, I was OBSESSIVE about taking before, during, during, during, during, during, during, and after photos of every little space. Here is an example, with most of the “durings” removed:





I chose this sequence because I am in love with that hand-painted panel which I found at an estate sale for super cheap. Another thing about me: I’m an estate sale, flea market, thrift store addict. Retail is for suckers.

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  1. Love the nook!

  2. Thank you for the shout out! On me of my treadmill long runs I watched 4 episodes of Flea Market Flip – now I want to go flea market hunting!

  3. correct Jill,, i am into real estate developing,, reno by piecemeal,, or else, you’ll be overwhelmed… nice outcome there!! 🙂

  4. Love the “after” results, definitely a nice touch. Good job on the bargain hunting, well scored!

  5. that’s a lot of work, but looks fantastic. great job. Love the site…you have a new follower. 🙂


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