Gym Rules that Suck

In the past, people have sent me signs from their gyms that I have categorized as “Gym Signs that Suck.” My new (#badass Las Vegas) gym doesn’t have a sign but it does have a list of rules. There is one rule in particular that sucks. See #4.


DrearyIf you care, I am LOVING it here in Las Vegas. Today marks two weeks and it feels like I have lived here for 6 months.

My first thoughts to share:

  • So. Much. Sun. My body hasn’t seen this much vitamin D in my entire life.
  • On my first day here, I got a little sunburn drinking coffee on my porch at 7:00 IN THE MORNING!
  • One day, I thought there were clouds in the sky but it was actually smoke from a house fire a mile away.
  • Goodbye seasonal affective disorder! Hello life of applying sunscreen every single day!
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  1. Clearly this gym does not know who you are. I think you need to educate them :0)
    I am happy to hear you are loving your new home!

  2. Nicole @ pink elephant on parade

     /  May 12, 2015

    THIS IS AMERICA! LAND OF THE FREE, HOME OF THE JEANS! You can take my treadmill, but you can never take my denim. Give me dungarees or give me death! etc. etc.

  3. Looks like your move was the perfect upgrade!
    And I love the gym sign, haha. Creative blog name, my husband and I work/have worked at a few gyms before. Definitely got a kick out of it!


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