“Jeans and sweat don’t agree with each other.”

In case you were wondering, I am not dead. Life in Las Vegas is awesome and my new job is rocking my world (in the best ways) – but both have been keeping me insanely busy. I have all the pictures that you have sent of people inappropriately wearing jeans while exercising, and I promise to post them soon.

In the interim, I am sharing the picture* I took yesterday at my gym of a dude working out in jorts. He is, in fact, the very first person I have seen out here wearing denim while participating in some sort of exercise (difference #126 between Las Vegas and Pittsburgh) .

JortsAnd the sign that hangs at my gym that the dude obviously didn’t read:

Rule* Yes, that is me wearing a Steelers shirt sharing my Pittsburgh love in the desert. And, Pittsburghers, how much do you love what is hanging in the entryway of my new home?



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  1. My husband hates jean shorts with a passion. He also hates jean shirts.

  2. How do these people no chafe?

  3. Andrew

     /  January 23, 2016

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue
    If you wear jorts to the gym
    Your junk will stew!

    Jill, glad you are doing well. How do you survive in a city without a pro-sports team?!?

    • There is talk of a hockey team coming…but my heart will always cheer for Pittsburgh teams.

      And, Andrew, I have been watching your beautiful girl grow via her blog. She is a doll.

  4. I am glad to you are settling in, keeping busy and all is well! I miss you! Nice guns BTW :0)

  5. But Jean has its own class and style as well. Denim is one of the best clothing type & most of us prefer to keep it our wardrobe as well. Don’t you?


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