A way to ease into jogging in jeans

Not sure if jogging in jeans is right for you? Here is a way to ease into it:


MileyAll we need is for Miley Cyrus to go for a run in these badboys and she will be the OFFICIAL poster child for jogging in jeans. ‘Cause she already did it once. Oh wait, twice.

Chuck Norris kicks ass IN JEANS*

Martial arts in jeans? Two words: Chuck Norris.

From one of the ads:

“These great-looking Western style jeans have a unique hidden gusset which allows greater movement without binding or ripping.”

Gusset. Oh how I wish there were more situations where I could use that word.

UPDATE: My sister just wrote to me and said that she gets to use “gusset” almost daily at her job. Envy.

*Re-posting this one from JoggingJeans.com’s early days because I was just reminded of it with this great sign:


NOW will you run in denim?

If it doesn’t yet seem like the cool thing to do – even after seeing photographic evidence of Jeff Galloway and Nick Symmonds running in denim – then hold onto your $60 tech-materialed running shorts because they are about to be BLOWN OFF.
How about Bart Yasso – BART F’ING YASSO – at the @RunningUSA 3 mile run this morning IN JORTS?
h/t Scott and Andrew for being the first to let me know about this!

JoggingJeans.com, Boobs and Butt Edition

It is not a title-tease. JoggingJeans.com does not disappoint, my testosterone-infused viewers.

First is boobs Ellen Pompeo, photo courtesy of theblemish.com.

Next is butt Camila Alves (with Matthew McConaughey).

Both are, oddly, running in jeans.

One Direction jogging IN DENIM

One Direction who? I’m old.

But I can be a fan if they jog in jorts and jeans.


Vin Diesel in the gym IN JEANS


Running Costumes with Denim – Malcolm Young (AC/DC)

With Halloween just around the corner and Best Race Costumes exploding like it does every year at this time, I thought it was time for another installment of Running Costumes with Denim. If you are looking for a denim-themed costume idea for your Halloween race, check out the past posts here. The Dukes of Hazzard one is my absolute favorite running costume ever.

We start the week off with a runner dressed like Malcolm Young. Or is it just some dude running in an AC/DC tshirt and jorts?


Marilyn Monroe, an icon in more ways than one

A LOOONG time ago, I posted the following picture of Marilyn Monroe on a weight bench IN JEANS.


This week, I stumbled upon this picture of her RUNNING in those same jeans.


Zac Efron jogging IN JEANS



I’m calling these jeans and not jorts because Dan, AKA RipVanRacer, says so.

Thanks to Buzzfeed for the pics.

h/t to Josh and everyone else after him who sent me the link!

[smooch] [hugs]

I love all my viewers. Every single one of you. I especially love that when you see someone doing something odd in denim, you think of me. Just a taste of my Twitter feed:



And if you watched the actual stunt, the amazing Nik Wallenda RUNS the last few yards IN JEANS!

To all of you, for thinking of me and hanging around for all this ridiculousness: [smooch] [hug] [ass grab]

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