Old Man IN JEANS and Suspenders Love

You all know that I have a thing for cutie old guys at the gym, right? Put one IN JEANS and suspenders and I am in L.O.V.E.

SuspenderIf your heart also melts a little when you see this, here is another that was submitted awhile back for your viewing enjoyment.

Don’t laugh at old people who jog in jeans.

Old people who jog are awesome no matter what they wear. Don’t laugh at them.

Same cutie. Different pictures taken by different people.

It has been awhile since we’ve had a post dedicated to a cutie old man working out in jeans.


Cutie2At my gym this week, I’ve seen several gym clothes atrocities. Unfortunately, no jeans. The worst thing I saw? A guy lifting weights with a large Camelbak.

My Valentine

Cutie-old-man-in-jeans-at-the-gym love combined with book-reading-nerd love:



“Punking the young folks” IN JEANS


“Old ladies” working out in jeans

I get nervous when I see Tweets like this one:


Because the first time I click the “old ladies” picture link and see some woman my age working out, I’m gonna lose my shit. LOSE. MY. SHIT. You have been warned.

Fortunately, it didn’t happen this time.


Cutest man award goes to…

…this guy IN JORTS!

Almost too funny to be true

We’ve all done it. We’ve gone to Google Street View to see our house. Then we breathed a sigh of relief when we realized the Google camera didn’t come cruising down our street when the kid’s toys were spewed across the lawn like a tornado just hit a toy store, when our underwear was hanging on the clothes line, or when you and your spouse were in the midst of a record-breaking stubbornness contest where you both were refusing to cut the grass (Victor=me. Always.).

When finally finding your house, can you imagine how absolutely fantastic it would be to see THIS?:

Via Twitter, @DanShirley was “creeped” out by it. Sir, it would be freaky-creepy if this man was captured jogging in front of MY house, the person behind JoggingJeans.com. You, however, should be resting easy and rejoicing that you have a jean-wearing jogger in your neighborhood. He provides so much enjoyment as you live your life looking forward to the next time he comes kickin’ it by your house.

What’s in that water bottle?

Tracey from Stride and Joy sent me another picture. This one is of an awesome guy taken after the Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon & 5K in Maine on July 22, 2012. She writes, “He’s taking a swig from the fab squeeze bottles of ice water we got at the end, although you’d swear he was drinking something else in this shot. :)”

Another for the “Cutie old people” category. Thanks, Tracey!

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