Hey Dan, not “all” guy shorts

One of my favorite jean-joggers, Dan, left the following comment on my last post titled, “Nothing screams, “I’m ready for an intense workout” like knee-length jorts at the gym”:

CommentI am here to provide evidence that short jorts are still around…well, at least at the gym.




(if you need help, this last picture is of a man)



Running Costumes with Denim – Winnie the Pooh

One last denim running costume: here is my friend, Dan, at the Youngstown Peace Race as Winnie the Pooh. Check out all the spectators smiling at him. And don’t ask me how in the heck anyone can run a 10K wearing a cloth, full-headed mask.

PoohSpeaking of Dan, he also ran his first 50K (Haulin’ in the Holler) in what he is calling JOHTS (jorts over half tights). I have called tights “cheating” in the past – but I give a pass when you are pulling out a 50K in denim. Can I get an ‘amen’?


Danny Denim IN PITTSBURGH for the Great Race!

The JoggingJeans.com legend, Danny Denim, came to Pittsburgh this weekend to run the Great Race. He didn’t disappoint with his triple denim duds and had a “jorts PR” at the 5K with a time of 18:33 (2nd in age group).

DannyDenimGreat things about this morning’s Great Race:

1. Meeting Dan


2. Watching the faces of people looking at Dan while I was talking with him post-race. Their faces either said, “What the hell?” or “How awesome is that outfit?” All I can say is that watching their reactions was a whole lot of fun.

3. And I know this next picture has nothing to do with jogging in jeans, but these two little girls with their heads buried in books made me smile. Parents of these two, you get an A+.

ReadingAnd for those following along and wondering, I did not run. FU plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis can ruin some good-ass plans

Pittsburgh’s Great Race is three weeks away. Despite the crowds (and I mean LOADS of runners for a 10K), I love this race. The 10K takes you though the streets of Squirrel Hill, Oakland, Updown, and Downtown Pittsburgh neighborhoods. The spectators are great; all the colleges you pass (CMU, Pitt, Carlow, Robert Morris, who did I miss?) have cheerleaders, musicians, and students lining the streets. Plus, because the 5K was my first ever race (just 5 years ago), it has a special little cubbie hole in my heart. The fact that the finish line is IN MY BACKYARD only sweetens the deal.

For this year’s race, I had this whole idea to create a Team Jorts. I was going to put it out there if I could get 10 of you to run in denim, I too would run for the first time in jorts. Really, I had plans to collect the post-race sweat of the 10 people that agreed to do this so that I could have their awesomeness to carry around with me wherever I go.

However, plantar fasciitis has kept me from running since the day of my first half marathon in May. [My recap was kick-ass so go read it (again)].

If you have never experienced this horrible horrible ailment, I have three words for you: IT SUCKS. BAD.

It basically feels like someone is sticking an ice pick in your foot every time you bear weight. For months now, you could find me eating ibuprofen like Skittles, icing my heal, stretching, and cursing at regular intervals…all until two weeks ago when I got a shot of cortisone. Halleluiah. Thank God for ginormous needles filled with powerful anti-inflammatories. My heel feels SO MUCH better.

If I continue along this path of feeling good, and I am dedicated to resting and letting it heal in the next few weeks, I may still consider running the Great Race. But, obviously, I will be doing it pretty much untrained. And I won’t be in jorts. I decided that if I’m going to run in jorts, I need to be at my best. If people are going to point and laugh at me, I at least want to be kicking asphalt dust into their faces as I whiz by them. Next year, People. Next year is the year that Team Jorts rocks Pittsburgh.

However, there is some good news: one of my favorite jean-joggers is coming to Pittsburgh to run the race. I’m hoping we can see each other for at least a ‘hey.’

DannyDonutHere he is as Danny Donut (going double-denim with jorts and jean vest) at the finish line of the Piqua Heritage Festival 5K last weekend. The donut in his mouth is because he was practicing for next weekend’s Celina Donut Dash. And the containers under his arm? He needs a way to carry his donuts, doesn’t he? BTW, he PR’ed for his fastest mile while carrying a dozen donuts (6:10). Wonder if that is Guinness worthy?

Anyone else have Pittsburgh’s Great Race on your race schedule this year?

And save those old jeans to cut into jorts for next year’s race. You are all invited to be a member of Team Jorts in 2014!

Newcomers: You will be loved here (and maybe groped a little)

I am not sure where all you new followers came from but let me be the first to plant a big kiss on your lips and hug you while I reach around and give your ass a grab. Then I want to look deeply into your eyes and ask, “What the hell is wrong with you for wanting to continually visit a site that does nothing more than display pictures of people jogging and exercising in jeans?

After you recover from all the groping, I want an answer.

And if you don’t feel too molested and decide to stick around, here is some other things you need to know:

– I don’t jog in jeans. I wear normal, appropriate workout clothing.

– Denim-wearing joggers are more awesome than most runners. This is a fact. A fact in Jill-World.

– I’m married but will steal your jean-jogging boyfriend or husband as my own in a second. Not to self: update boyfriend list.

– You will be loved here. I’ve said the following things before:

  • I have much love for the viewers of my blog that visit sporadically.
  • If you 1) visit regularly, 2) are an email follower, and/or 3) leave comments, my love for you is doubled.
  • If you think of me when you see people jogging or exercising in jeans, you get triple love from me.
  • You instantly reach a super-high level and get quadruple love if you send me a picture of someone running or exercising in jeans.
  • If you run in denim BECAUSE of this site then you have reached the highest echelon of my love. That is love multiplied times a bazillion for those of you who are keeping track. Disclaimer: only a few select people can handle this level of love from me. Here is example #1.

– The last thing you need to know is that I live in Pittsburgh and love this city. If you are anti-Pittsburgh based on your Pittsburgh Football Hate (TM) or some other cockamaney preconceived notion about this city, give me one hour of your time to show you around. Seriously. I love to meet followers and/or fellow bloggers. Mr. Creepo, this offer is not extended to you.

So today’s picture is example #2 of someone that can handle the amount of love I can dish out: the lastest “Danny” character, Danny Japri, at the Sulphur Springs 5K this weekend.


(japris = jean capris)

And click on this link to see him in an action shot. He’s in the grass, passing all the losers in cotton shorts.


Newcomers, it is worth checking out the past denim-clad characters here.

Again, welcome, glad to have you around. [smooch]

I apologize by buying you food and beer.

I am horrible at managing my email. Period.*

In the next few days, I’ll be posting several forgotten emails and pictures I have received. You WONDERFUL viewers saw jean-wearing exercisers, thought of me, took pictures, sent those pictures to me, and believed me when I said, “I’LL GET THESE UP NEXT WEEK!” [hangs head in shame]

The first forgotten picture comes from one of my favorite denim-clad runners, Dan, which was taken at a race in West Virginia. To apologize for my forgetfulness to Dan, if when he comes to Pittsburgh, I will take him on my favorite run (up McArdle Roadway to Grandview Avenue) and afterwards I will buy him a Primanti’s sandwich and a beer.


* I have a colleague who has the same job as me and recently had to show me something on his computer. While we were talking, he opened up his email and his inbox was empty. EMPTY! I was all, “What the heck is that? An empty inbox?!” And he said, “Yeah, I take care of my shit right away. Nothing sits there.” So this interaction, combined with these forgotten JoggingJeans.com emails, has had me feeling especially bad about my email organization skills. Does anyone else have an empty inbox?!

Dedication Week, Day 3: The Other Dan

The next featured runner of Dedication Week is another Dan who DEFINITELY is advancing the running-in-jorts cause. The best thing about Dan is that he brings smiles to the faces of race spectators and JoggingJeans.com viewers with his monikers, outfits, and sense of humor. Reminisce with me, will ya?

First we met Danny Disco:

Then Danny Dukes:

And Danny Denim (in the homemade calf sleeves!):

And Danny Dapper:

And then there was the moment when I found out that “Fabulous Jorts Man” was the same guy as the Dannys above. Mind. Blown.

And another great thing? Pittsburgh’s Great Race (a 10K on September 29th) is on Dan’s race calendar this year!!

Come on! Come to Pittsburgh! Everyone is doin’ it!

Fabulous jorts man

Sometimes I find GREAT pictures on Twitter and wish I had more details about them. A perfect example:

Anyone else have the urge to propose to this fabulous jorts man? Okay, how about the urge to slap that snob look off 164’s face?

UPDATE: Guess who that is? Danny Disco/Dukes/Denim/Dapper sans costumes. Mind. Blown.

My obituary

I warned that if the hysterical Danny character that I “met” through this blog had any more aliases, it would be the death of me.

JillyBean (Birth: May 10, 19-huma-huma. Death: today)

She loved Pittsburgh and looking at pictures of people jogging in jeans. And Dan. Oh, and her husband and family and friends. She was a lover of candy, cupcakes, salty snacks from the “itos” food group*, and anything from the local pizza shop [insert Giovanni’s Pizza logo here]. A Friday night never passed without her putting away a half of an extra large pizza and a side order of cheesy bread. Yet she managed to maintain abs that would make a girl half her age envious. She will be greatly missed by her husband when he runs out of clean underwear, her kitties when they are hungry, her friends when they have no one else to listen to their drama, and her family when they can’t remember something.

*Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos 

At the viewing, forget about the montage of awkward pictures of me at different stages of my life; make sure someone lifts every photo from JoggingJeans.com and plays them instead. Dress me in a sports bra (so that my abs and boobs can be enjoyed one last time), jorts, and running shoes. In my casket, tuck as many Runner’s World magazines that will fit. If anyone starts crying, make sure they get taken out behind the funeral home and beat silly.

The reason for my death: Danny Dapper.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, here are the Dannys that we have met already:

And now Danny Dapper running the Lakewood Meltdown 5K. His gear is a green disco shirt with a matching purple tie, a jean vest, jorts, a denim bucket hat, denim calf sleeves, and the new denim cho-pat for his trick right knee. Watch him cross the finish line at 1:56. Don’t blink.

And since you, Dear Readers, are lazy and wouldn’t click a link even if I really WAS dead, I provided a screen shot for you.

Gotta love him! A lot.

Danny Who?

The man behind Danny Disco gets more fascinating by the day. After a couple of race photos of him in a wig, jorts, an authentic disco shirt, and tie, what more could I ask for? Really, I didn’t think it could get any better.

And then there was this picture of “Danny Dukes” in the same wig, jorts, and a half shirt at the Duck N’ Run 5K on June 21, 2012.

And then this one as “Danny Denim” in a dark wig, jorts, a denim jacket, and denim calf sleeves (These exist!? Josher, you NEED to get a pair!) at the Wapakoneta Firecracker 5K on July 4, 2012.

If there are more aliases, it might be the death of me. Has anyone ever died from too much happiness?

UPDATE: After Josher and I couldn’t find the denim calf sleeves online, I wrote and asked where we can buy them. The response:

“Those denim calf sleeves were especially handcrafted by Danny Denim himself by cutting off the sleeves of the jean jacket he turned into a jean vest. Danny is pretty environmentally conscious (he’ll never be mistaken for self-conscious) and hates to see anything go to waste especially when that jacket cost him $5 at the Salvation Army store. Josher may be able to fashion a pair for himself in the same way as Danny Denim has no trademarks on them.” 

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