Little do you know that the other person in this tiny-ass gym took a picture of you in your jeans!

My new awesome job has me on the road A LOT. I am traveling mostly on the west coast and quickly learning the tricks and tips associated with being a road warriorette. One of my biggest challenges with my new lifestyle is keeping up with my workouts in tiny hotel gyms that usually have nothing more than a bench and a set up dumbbells up to 50 pounds. I try my best to make it work.

Occasionally, I am delighted by someone walking into these “fitness centers” and working out in – you guessed it – JEANS!




How to practice fleeing a crime scene

Planning to commit a crime? Don’t have a partner to serve as a getaway driver? There is no better way to practice fleeing a crime scene than by running in jeans. I mean this HAS to be what these people are doing, right?



Old Man IN JEANS and Suspenders Love

You all know that I have a thing for cutie old guys at the gym, right? Put one IN JEANS and suspenders and I am in L.O.V.E.

SuspenderIf your heart also melts a little when you see this, here is another that was submitted awhile back for your viewing enjoyment.

Run (in Jeans) Just Because

Run Just Because blogger left this comment on a recent post and it MADE MY DAY.

Back when I was in military service, we had a fitness test that involved a 2.4km run. In order to get an “A” for that part of the test, we had to run it in under 9:45. A month before the test I was doing 11 minutes. I spent the next four weeks doing 3-4km runs in my heavy field boots and jeans till I could clear the 2.4k in 10 minutes. On test day, I ditched the jeans and boots for PT kit and runners and ran 9:15. Success from running in jeans!

Write that down. Remember it.



Aren’t you hot and itchy?




NSFW: What can I even say?


I can judge them because of their choice of workout clothing but not because of their books.

You know why? Because I sometimes study at the gym between sets too. Physical AND mental gains, I say.





It’s not a real party at the gym until the guy who works out in jeans shows up on the treadmill in front of you.




IF* I ever run in denim….

…the jorts I wear will be short.

I’m old and have huge quads (yes, I squat, A LOT), but I don’t care. The less denim touching me, the better.

No way will I be like this guy:


Or this guy:


Click here to see a Vine of this guy running. A side note: the video was shot by some comedian/actor that I never heard of  until now.

*A BIG if.

And speaking of bleached jeans


A side note: Is this a thing again? If so, I am slightly bothered by the fact that I have witnessed a complete fashion cycle. I bleached my jeans in high school. 😦

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