Running Costumes with Denim – Nerds

The coolest Ragnar team

From what I can gather from their Flickr photostream, a group of people from Paradiso CrossFit in California put together a team for Ragnar Vegas. They had a Brittney Spears theme going on, and two of the running outfits were INCREDIBLE.

Here you have Justin and Britney from the 2001 American Music Awards:

Yes, My Friends, you are witnessing a jean skirt! A JEAN SKIRT! It is the first one we’ve seen here on and hopefully it is not the last.

Never too young to jog in jeans!

I’m one of those “childless by choice” people. However, if I did have kids, I want these ones to be mine (you get to pick which ones you want, right?).


This kid ran the Wild Goose Chase 5K:   “Christian was the first finisher for the 12 and under group. He ran in jeans, because that’s what he always runs in.”


And this group of cuties ran a jog-a-thon. From the mom of two of the boys: “I told the boys this morning as they were getting ready to wear pants they could run in – they both looked at me a little strangely and informed me they ran in jeans all the time and they would be just fine.

And this princess is training IN JORTS to run a race with her mom.

And, oh my goodness, look at this proud papa! But I take issue that he thinks they need “Better planning next year.” I think your adorable jean-jogging son is dressed perfectly!

Cowboy runner IN JEANS

We will continue all week with jean-clad runners dressed in costume. First is another “cheater” with protection under his denim, but I love his outfit anyway! And another cowgirl. YeeeHaaa!

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