Running Costumes with Denim – Morton Salt Umbrella Girl

Hope you enjoyed the past two weeks of denim running costumes. Have an idea for your own costume with denim? Put it together, run a race, and SEND ME PICTURES! MortonSalt

Running Costumes with Denim – Rick and Lori Grimes (Walking Dead)

As you can imagine, I see A LOT of different race costumes (and race signs for that matter). I am always impressed when something creative and new emerges. If you are a Walking Dead fan, you can appreciate this costume. The fact that the runners are in jeans just makes it all the better.

WalkingDeadThanks, All, for hanging out with me this week. As always, send your Halloween race costumes pictures to

Running Costumes with Denim – Sun Drop Girl



Running Costumes with Denim – Bob the Builder

We continue with another picture for this week’s Running Costumes with Denim theme. You can find the whole series here.


Running Costumes with Denim – Personal Trainer

Okay, so not REAL denim, but I loved the costume idea!


Running Costumes with Denim – Malcolm Young (AC/DC)

With Halloween just around the corner and Best Race Costumes exploding like it does every year at this time, I thought it was time for another installment of Running Costumes with Denim. If you are looking for a denim-themed costume idea for your Halloween race, check out the past posts here. The Dukes of Hazzard one is my absolute favorite running costume ever.

We start the week off with a runner dressed like Malcolm Young. Or is it just some dude running in an AC/DC tshirt and jorts?


Danny Denim IN PITTSBURGH for the Great Race!

The legend, Danny Denim, came to Pittsburgh this weekend to run the Great Race. He didn’t disappoint with his triple denim duds and had a “jorts PR” at the 5K with a time of 18:33 (2nd in age group).

DannyDenimGreat things about this morning’s Great Race:

1. Meeting Dan


2. Watching the faces of people looking at Dan while I was talking with him post-race. Their faces either said, “What the hell?” or “How awesome is that outfit?” All I can say is that watching their reactions was a whole lot of fun.

3. And I know this next picture has nothing to do with jogging in jeans, but these two little girls with their heads buried in books made me smile. Parents of these two, you get an A+.

ReadingAnd for those following along and wondering, I did not run. FU plantar fasciitis.

I think he knows my answer

MrMarcusEsquireMThese photos were take before and after the Iowa Games sponsored Mud Run on June 15, 2013. Thanks, Marcus!!

…and we have time for one last caller.

Good afternoon, Caller. Do you have a question for me, the All-Knowing Running Expert?

Question Asker: I am an awesome runner but I want to take it to another level and be more awesome. What can I do?

Me: Consider running a half marathon in full length jeans and Chuck Taylors.

Question Asker: Um…I don’t know. It seems like that would slow me down.

Me: Wrong. A guy at the Alpine Classic Half on May 25th did it and his awesomeness level is off the charts. The power of denim helped him rock a second place overall finish.




And if you, Dear Readers, question my running credentials, Runner’s World’s Mark Remy says that you CAN run in Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars. See for yourself.

BONUS: Josh was also representin’ at the Alpine Half in jorts:


Couples that jog in jeans together, stay together

If a picture captures a man and woman running together in denim, it automatically wins the “Cutest Couple” award. The first pictures we have seen were both related to my new friends, Tracey and Andrew.

The first picture was submitted BY them and was taken at the Brian K. Betts 5K in Washington DC last May:

The second picture was OF THEM taken at the  Rock ’n’ Roll Half Marathon in Providence, Rhode Island last August:

And the latest submission comes from CJ ( blogger) and was taken at The Color Run in Washington, DC on May 19th:


What is it about this picture that warms my heart?

Dear adorable guy and gal who are so happy in your running jeans,

Your “Cutest Couple” award is in the mail. Keep on doing what you do.

Your biggest fan,


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