NEW greatest jogging in jeans “footage”

So we thought we witnessed the the greatest jogging in jeans “footage” in existence, right?

It just got better. A WHOLE lot better. And it involves a flying jump kick.

Yep, that is Gabe again running this year’s Colfax Marathon. He is looking especially awesome in jorts, a bow tie, aviator sunglasses, and with a beer in hand. The shirtless part? Bonus. The kick? Brilliance.

Runners, we need more flying jump kicks during races. Do it. [UPDATE: Oh, goodness, what did I just do?]

He joked in the post on his website that we could watch the gif 400o times. Already done. Nothin’ to it.

THE greatest jogging in jeans “footage” in existence.

If this guy looks familiar, it is because I featured him before. So now we know that Gabe (of BHGP, Iowa Hawkeyes fan fame) ran at least two Colfax Marathons in aviator sunglasses, knee socks, and those infamous jorts…all while chugging a beer.

Seriously, People, how awesome is that animated gif?

Gabe, if I wasn’t already married AND you weren’t drinking a Keystone (bleh), you would have a marriage proposal from me TODAY. Awesomeness Award goes to…

…this guy:

The blog post about him claims that he ran the relay in the Colfax Marathon as some sort of punishment. However, after an inquiry to BHGP, I was told “Disregard the article–nobody put him up to that but himself.”

There is so much awesomeness in this picture, submitted by runner Lisa, that I don’t even know where to begin. The best part may be that he wasn’t put up to this by others but, rather, looked and behaved this way of his own free will.

Sir, your crown is in the mail and by crown I mean a big hug and kiss on your cheek for all the awesomeness that is you!

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