Never too young to jog in jeans!

I’m one of those “childless by choice” people. However, if I did have kids, I want these ones to be mine (you get to pick which ones you want, right?).


This kid ran the Wild Goose Chase 5K:   “Christian was the first finisher for the 12 and under group. He ran in jeans, because that’s what he always runs in.”


And this group of cuties ran a jog-a-thon. From the mom of two of the boys: “I told the boys this morning as they were getting ready to wear pants they could run in – they both looked at me a little strangely and informed me they ran in jeans all the time and they would be just fine.

And this princess is training IN JORTS to run a race with her mom.

And, oh my goodness, look at this proud papa! But I take issue that he thinks they need “Better planning next year.” I think your adorable jean-jogging son is dressed perfectly!

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