Floyd Mayweather at the gym IN JEANS

I have said before that there are few people that can pull off jogging or working out IN JEANS where no one can say shit about it because of the level of badass-ness. Of those that we have seen here at JoggingJeans.com: Chuck Norris is one. Joe Frazer is another.

The newest addition: Floyd Mayweather.

Check out those pull ups! I’m in love.

JoggingJeans ♥ Sean Hutchinson

Last week I found a new best friend. I also found a new love: badass Sean Hutchinson. He ran the 2011 Knysna Marathon in jeans and is planning to run NYC’s Christmas Marathon and the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon in jeans. He was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions:

1. What on earth would prompt you to run a marathon in jeans?

A friend and I discussed doing a race at the beginning of the year in jeans and never actually got around to it. Then in June we both decided last minute to do the Knysna Full Marathon. Not being at our peak fitness, as we were returning from injuries, we decided to have a bit of fun of it so that we wouldn’t push too hard. The logical option was to run in jeans.

2. What was running in jeans like? How chaffed were your thighs afterward?

I didn’t have any issues at all. I did carry a tub of Vaseline in my back pocket just in case, but it was not needed.

3. Did people ask about your jeans during the marathon?

Yes, plenty did. With the same two questions: how is the chafe and why are you doing it?

4. Was the Knysna marathon the first race you ran in jeans?

Yes, but have done plenty of other sporting activities in jeans. Water skiing and mountain biking are among them. I have also raced some adventure races in a purple velvet suit. [*]

5. What brand of jeans? Do you plan to wear the same pair for the ultra?

I wore Quicksilver jeans. I do plan to use them again for the Two Oceans and hopefully in some races in the USA next year. [Sean, the Pittsburgh Marathon is May 6, 2012. Come to Pittsburgh! The girl stalking you all over the city = not me. ;)]

6. Any other comments about running in jeans?

Poly shorts are so last season.

*And about that suit — isn’t it GREAT that Sean, the guy in the purple velvet suit, is NOT the weirdest dressed dude in this pic! Hah! I ♥ Sean Hutchinson.

Extreme badass-ness

Earlier I wrote that sometimes jogging in jeans = criminal activity.

I am learning that in rare cases jogging in jeans = extreme badass-ness.

Case in point: Joe Frazer. He is captured in the photo below, jogging in jeans, during training for the “Fight of the Century” against Muhammad Ali in 1971. It was taken by John Shearer and published in Life Magazine in 1971. UPDATE: RIP, Mr. Frazer.

Take note, it is a RARE occurrence that one can pull off the badass-ness of jean-wearing during exercise (Arbel Meidav from LAX CrossFit featured in my first post pulled it off). Most often, however, you are NOT badass enough and these are the types of things that people are saying about you:

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