Jogging in jeans recipe for deliciousness

What is the recipe for a truly GREAT jogging in jeans photo, you ask? The one that ensures deliciousness? Quit searching Pinterest for it – I have it right here for you:


1. Full length jeans

2. An action shot (yes, running, for those of you who are slow to catch on)

3. Above the waist nudity (hotness helps)

4. A belt with a ridiculously-sized belt buckle (Dan nailed this one. Where have you been, Dan?!)

5. Bare feet

6. Celebrity status


Add all ingredients to bowl. Stir. Scrape the sides. Lick the spatula. Stir again. Pour into prepared baking pan. Lick the spatula again. Lick the bowl. Bake.

And you get…Scott Eastwood

ScottEastwoodYIELD: 1. All for me.

If you are tempted to lick your screen. Go for it. I did. I am not ashamed.

The only thing WORSE than flip flops at the gym


Miley Takes Her Side Boob Out For A Nice Jog

Okay, so that is‘s title, not mine. And Miley Cirus probably ISN’T really jogging. But I thought I’d throw the male viewers a bone with some side boob in this pseudo jogging in jeans picture.

However, if you missed Miley Cirus’s legit jogging in jean pictures, you can see them here and here.

Treadmill week – Day 4


Told you they’d get better!

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