Jogging in jeans recipe for deliciousness

What is the recipe for a truly GREAT jogging in jeans photo, you ask? The one that ensures deliciousness? Quit searching Pinterest for it – I have it right here for you:


1. Full length jeans

2. An action shot (yes, running, for those of you who are slow to catch on)

3. Above the waist nudity (hotness helps)

4. A belt with a ridiculously-sized belt buckle (Dan nailed this one. Where have you been, Dan?!)

5. Bare feet

6. Celebrity status


Add all ingredients to bowl. Stir. Scrape the sides. Lick the spatula. Stir again. Pour into prepared baking pan. Lick the spatula again. Lick the bowl. Bake.

And you get…Scott Eastwood

ScottEastwoodYIELD: 1. All for me.

If you are tempted to lick your screen. Go for it. I did. I am not ashamed.

I have levels of love for others. Dan is in the highest echelon.

I have much love for the viewers of my blog that visit sporadically.

If you 1) visit regularly, 2) are an email follower, and/or 3) leave comments, my love for you is doubled.

If you think of me when you see people jogging or exercising in jeans, you get triple love from me.

You instantly reach a super-high level and get quadruple love if you send me a picture of someone running or exercising in jeans.

If you tell me you are “infatuated” with and decide to run a marathon IN JEANS because of it and then afterwards you provide me with all the details and send me pictures, then your name is Dan and you reached the highest echelon of my love. That is love multiplied times a bazillion for those of you who are keeping track.

Dan…oh Dan. Where do I begin talking about Dan? He starts his first email to me by saying, “Saw this guy at the Ocean Drive Marathon in New Jersey this weekend…Oh wait, I was this guy!!!”

And then there were these pictures of his GORGEOUS self:

Ladies, don’t look too long. He is mine. Well, as “mine” as he can possibly be given that I am happily married and he is (seemingly) happily married (yeah, I cyber-stalked him…shhh). I don’t care. Okay, you looked at him long enough. Step off.

The three fingers are because this was the third marathon that Dan and his buddy ran in their quest to run 12 marathons in 12 months in 2012. Who does that?! Awesome people like Dan, that’s who. Of course, I then asked him for details about the race. His response was priceless, and I read it more times than I will admit because it makes me so happy. I couldn’t bear to edit one word of it, so here it is in its entirety:

As you’ll see, I wore the jeans, but I went for a whole look too. I’ve been growing the mustache the whole month just to add to the look!

Before the marathon, I had sooooo many people give me the “head to toe” look, and then a quick look-away, but no one said a word to me about the jeans, and we were all in a hotel lobby, in tight quarters, keeping out of the cold. Not sure if people were afraid of my crazy look or if they couldn’t believe that I was going to wear them for the race. 
Then when we started, as I was passing people, a dozen times I heard them saying, “Is that guy really wearing jeans?” My buddy who I am running with would yell out, “Yes, he’s nuts.” 
It was a very small marathon, so not many spectators. But the few who were out in small groups, would be clapping, then I would start coming by and a hush would fall over them, because they’d be looking at me and pointing me out. It was hilarious. By the end though, people started yelling out to me, “Go jeans guy!”  And a guy said he saw me at the beginning, and was waiting to see if I made it all the way with the jeans on. I better had, I purposely didn’t wear running shorts underneath so I wasn’t tempted to take them off, no matter what happened. One older woman yelled out, “Wow, Dungarees!” I think that was my favorite, so old school!
A couple runners asked about chafing issues on the run, but luckily, I was chafe-free!!!  The miracles of denim!  As I went through the corral at the end of the race, the smiles on people’s faces made it totally worth it, they loved it. One spectator ran up to me and said, “No way you ran that whole thing in jeans.”  
Aside from the jeans, it was a pretty forgettable marathon, temperature was cold and there was a brutal wind dead into our face the whole time. However, it will forever be one of my most memorable, all because of you and the jeans!  Thanks!
The bottom line is that I love Dan more than I love you. He grew a mustache and ran IN JEANS, a camo shirt, and a belt with a freakin’ kick-ass belt buckle for ME! So step off. Seriously.

ALL $1000 was raised!! [hugs to all] We WILL be seeing Josher run the Salt Lake City Marathon in head-to-toe denim!!
A big big BIG thanks to the following readers who have contributed their hard-earned money to support Denim for a Cure:
Mary Long, Sellersville, PA
Minka Misangyi, San Antonio, TX. Author of MoreThanRunning
Jill Whitaker, Las Vegas, NV. Author of JillWillRun and theRUNiverse
Tracey Lazos, Boston, MA. Author of StrideAndJoy
Marcie, Dallas, TX
Charla Neuman, Seattle, WA. Author of RunningHaiku
Amy Ambler, Salt Lake City, UT
And all the others!
(You can be on this list by donating and then sending me an email telling me that you did –
Read more about the campaign here. Read more about Josher Hanson, the guy who will be running in head-to-toe denim, here.
And if you would still like to donate, please do so by clicking here.
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