Happy Birthday, JoggingJeans.com

Somehow, this insanely stupid website has made it to its second birthday.

I ask and ask and ask and never get a good (or any for that matter) answer: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?

There is love for all of you that visit me here, but I really really REALLY question your sanity. On a daily basis.

I am using this third year to change things up a bit. In the past, I did a “Fake-Like-You-Care-About-Me” series where I shared a little about me, and it was overwhelmingly well received. Thanks for loving me, Friends.


So in addition to posting photos of people in inappropriate denim workout clothing, I occasionally will write other random, unrelated content. I hope you don’t hate this idea. But for right now, I need some variety for my own sanity. Apparently, I have less screws loose than all of you.

With that said, thanks so much, You Weirdos, for sticking with me for TWO WHOLE YEARS.

[smooch] [hug] [ass grab]


Happy Birthday, JoggingJeans.com!

One year ago today, I clicked “publish” on the first ever JoggingJeans.com post. And here we are, a year later and closing in on 100,000 views. Unbelievable.

Some thoughts based on the last year:

1) Did you ever think there were so many people that exercised in denim? I NEVER thought that there would be enough pictures of people jogging and working out in jeans to keep this going for a full year.

2) I also never thought that there were so many people that want to LOOK at people exercising in denim. You people are weird. 😉

3) It is surprising to me that a silly (ok, ridiculous) little website that started out as a joke could bring such joy to my life.

4) The joy is because of YOU, the viewers of JoggingJeans.com. Despite your weirdness, you are awesome. Truly. Thanks for the pictures, Tweets, emails, and comments.

5) I have learned that the blogging community is made up of some pretty amazing people. Even though we haven’t met, I consider some of you friends.

6) I started this site thinking that people that jog in jeans are weird and partially insane. But there has been a shift in my thinking over the past year; jean-joggers are increasingly becoming more and more awesome in my mind. When this happened or why this happened, I’m not sure – maybe I’ll figure that one out in the next year.

Enjoy a year in review of my favorite jean-wearing joggers and their pictures:

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