Dukes of Hazzard Love

TVThere is nothing on this earth that brings me a childhood comfort like the television show Dukes of Hazzard. [SCREEECH]. Back up. “Uh, what?” you ask. “Jill, you are pathetic” you say. Let me explain.

Television in my childhood was a treat. My sister and I would wait all week for Friday night. My dad would either make popcorn – old-school style in a pot on the stovetop – or we would take a ride to Hills and buy it beforehand. [The popcorn at the Hills Snackbar was delicious. Was Hills just a Pittsburgh thing?] Sitting on the floor in front of the television, that was carried from my parent’s bedroom into the living room, with big bowls of popcorn on our laps watching the handsome Duke Boys, pretty Daisy, and being naive to the contentiousness of the confederate flag: nothing better.

Boy that was a long story to get to some of my favorite jogging in jeans costume photos EVER:

First, there is the creative and amazing Andy who ran as this, this, and this in the past. He sent me a picture from his most recent race. Notice the jorts. So. Much. Love.

DukesAnd since we are on the subject, here is another from the archives:


Again, jeans and jorts. Love. Love. Love.

I can only hope that the microphone and speaker in Luke’s hand is so he can yell “Yeeee Ha!” as he ran.

Jeans, running, costumes, and ’80s television

Can you think of a better combination of things than those above?

Besides pizza, Cheetos, beer, and Twizzlers?

Or Dan, Craig, jeans, and Pittsburgh Marathon?

Okay, so maybe there are several four item combinations that are better, but “jeans, running, costumes, and ’80s television” is pretty damn high on the list.

There are NO WORDS to describe my love for these race costumes that involve JEANS. And for those of you under the age of 30 and only know of the remakes of these FABULOUS shows, my heart aches for you.

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