Same cutie. Different pictures taken by different people.

It has been awhile since we’ve had a post dedicated to a cutie old man working out in jeans.


Cutie2At my gym this week, I’ve seen several gym clothes atrocities. Unfortunately, no jeans. The worst thing I saw? A guy lifting weights with a large Camelbak.

Jogging in jeans via

I’ve recently discovered And I got a feeling it is going to CHANGE things here at

The first jeans-in-the-gym creations (thanks @FUpaymeJD and @Official_Bruski) are AMAZING. I’m looking forward to more.

Guy at the gym in a button up shirt and jeans

What I see in the gym

And, yes, that is a dress shirt and a leather jacket. 🙂

Imagine his sweat-soaked underwear

It is hard enough mustering up the energy to do any exercise outside when the temperature is holy-hell-it’s-hot-as-shit degrees with humidity at sweet-mama percent. But to EVEN consider running IN REGULAR CLOTHES when you can’t move for 10 seconds outdoors without ending up with sweat-soaked underwear is BEYOND my comprehension.

BTW, have I said recently that @BekiLynne is the most awesome girl I know? One, BAM! Two, BAM! And now three!

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