Motoring in khakis

We’ve got another runner in khakis and belt sighting caught by Inspired by Dooce blogger, Kristin, in Montreal. These pictures were lost in my inbox and are a great reminder of warmer and sunnier times [just 57 days until spring!].



Thanks and sorry for the delay, Kristin!

No, this isn’t fuzzy picture week.

I wonder if I need to take out extra insurance to cover me if someone, during the course of trying to get a photo for, gets injured or murdered? First there was Andy, who risked death but ultimately survived, to get a picture.  And now Joe.

Remember Joe? He sent me a picture of a guy running past his house in khakis. He is a loyal soldier in the ever-pressing cause known as “photographing those in poor exercise attire.” He feels khaki/cargo-wear is as bad as jean-wear for exercise and proposed that I launch a sister-site with people exercising in khakis. As an interim step, I’ve added a “khaki/cargo-wear” category.

Joe also risked his life in the name of getting  photo. He snapped the picture below. It is fuzzy because he was pretending to stretch while taking the picture of a COP who, Joe wrote, “would have killed me if I got caught” [or maybe arrested him!].

Thank you, Joe, for your braveness and loyalty. Be safe out there with your cameras, Friends!

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