Anonymous jorts with some possible jeans and cargo shorts

For most of the blogs I follow, I choose to have new posts come to me in “daily digest” form. For my favs, I get them in my inbox as they are posted – I enjoy the little “Yay!” my brain does when they arrive throughout my day.

There is one exception though. And that is the blog ElisaRiva. The “Yay!” thing would certainly happen if the posts came sometime during my day, but I have found that I need to start my day with Elisa’s writing – and I mean “start” in the literal sense, as in first thing after getting out of bed and starting the coffee pot. Her no-frills posts talk a lot about her training (she’s a runner and triathlete), but she always finds ways to be motivating, positive, and uplifting at the same time. Her posts are truly the perfect start for each day. Check them out.

And now on to the reason you are all here. Elisa sent me the following picture taken at the Fleet Feet run workshop for Newtons in Pepper Pike, Ohio. If you look closely, there are actually two pairs of jorts in the picture, that big knee on the right might be a pair of jeans, and, there on the left, those very well may be cargo shorts.

This is what I call a “jackpot photo.”


So, Elisa, you get two “thanks” today – one for the photo and one for your writing that starts my mornings off on a good foot each and every day.

Imagine his sweat-soaked underwear

It is hard enough mustering up the energy to do any exercise outside when the temperature is holy-hell-it’s-hot-as-shit degrees with humidity at sweet-mama percent. But to EVEN consider running IN REGULAR CLOTHES when you can’t move for 10 seconds outdoors without ending up with sweat-soaked underwear is BEYOND my comprehension.

BTW, have I said recently that @BekiLynne is the most awesome girl I know? One, BAM! Two, BAM! And now three!

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