Imagine his sweat-soaked underwear

It is hard enough mustering up the energy to do any exercise outside when the temperature is holy-hell-it’s-hot-as-shit degrees with humidity at sweet-mama percent. But to EVEN consider running IN REGULAR CLOTHES when you can’t move for 10 seconds outdoors without ending up with sweat-soaked underwear is BEYOND my comprehension.

BTW, have I said recently that @BekiLynne is the most awesome girl I know? One, BAM! Two, BAM! And now three!

Jeans vs. cargo-wear? Need your vote.

A loyal viewer sent me the following Tweet: And it just so happens that, last month, reader Joe saw a guy running past his house and emailed me this comment and picture:

“Not jeans, but cargo shorts are just as bad if you ask me.”

Readers, what is your opinion of jeans vs. cargo-wear for exercise?

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