Jogging in jeans recipe for deliciousness

What is the recipe for a truly GREAT jogging in jeans photo, you ask? The one that ensures deliciousness? Quit searching Pinterest for it – I have it right here for you:


1. Full length jeans

2. An action shot (yes, running, for those of you who are slow to catch on)

3. Above the waist nudity (hotness helps)

4. A belt with a ridiculously-sized belt buckle (Dan nailed this one. Where have you been, Dan?!)

5. Bare feet

6. Celebrity status


Add all ingredients to bowl. Stir. Scrape the sides. Lick the spatula. Stir again. Pour into prepared baking pan. Lick the spatula again. Lick the bowl. Bake.

And you get…Scott Eastwood

ScottEastwoodYIELD: 1. All for me.

If you are tempted to lick your screen. Go for it. I did. I am not ashamed.

A way to ease into jogging in jeans

Not sure if jogging in jeans is right for you? Here is a way to ease into it:


MileyAll we need is for Miley Cyrus to go for a run in these badboys and she will be the OFFICIAL poster child for jogging in jeans. ‘Cause she already did it once. Oh wait, twice.

Zac Efron jogging IN JEANS



I’m calling these jeans and not jorts because Dan, AKA RipVanRacer, says so.

Thanks to Buzzfeed for the pics.

h/t to Josh and everyone else after him who sent me the link!

I owe all the ladies something…

I spent a ridiculously long time scouring the internet for a picture of a guy working out in jeans that will erase the blemish on our brains from the previous post. In it, the men got a picture of a half-naked, gorgeous Marilyn Monroe and, let’s face it, us ladies got bupkis.

I found our eraser:

Danny who?

You are welcome, Ladies.

If you care, his name is Hrithik Roshan and he is an Indian actor.

Click picture for source.

Running or running errands…not sure.

Regardless, Kristen Stewart is in jeans and is pumping her arms in a running motion.

Bret Michaels jogging IN JEANS

An anonymous person sent me the following picture of Bret Michaels running a race in jeans. When it was taken? Don’t know. What race? Don’t know. Regardless of the details, it is another addition to the growing collection.

I’m torn about something, Dear Readers:

Can Bret Michaels pull off running in jeans? Is he a badass? Read this post if you are new to this site.

Pros: Bret Michaels IS a rockstar, he did survive a brain hemorrhage, and he is a Pittsburgh native (it’s my city so I can make it a positive attribute if I want 🙂 ).

Cons: He participated in a reality dating show (did you watch even one minute of Rock of Love?), he spends too much time in tanning beds, and there are some pretty skank-tastic pics floating around on the internet.

What do you think?:

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