If only more people would say this!



No question – THE coolest mom

Charla, from Running Haiku, is quickly climbing the ranks as JoggingJeans.com’s favorite viewer. She writes me poetry, takes pictures of strangers at her gym in jeans, and even gets her mom in on jort-wearing fun:

Crazy Color Run
Coolest mom on Mother’s Day
Rockin’ her white jorts

Jeans and khakis at The Color Run in Dallas!

Did you hear about The Color Run? If not, watch this video.

Reader PJ ran the Dallas race this past Sunday and submitted two photos. Not one but TWO! You all can learn a little from PJ about submitting photos — she is more awesome than most because of her two photo submission.

The first picture is of a guy in jeans. The second is a way-funnier (at least to me) guy in khakis. Dude looks like he stumbled upon the race on his way home from work in his khakis, belt, and bright white button-down.

I personally think that the creative ideas that people come up with for races are great. The JoggingJeans.com-inspired Jorts 5K (10 days to go!) is by far the BEST idea, but there are some other pretty damn cute race themes out there. In second place behind the Jorts 5K is this idea.

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