Jeans? What jeans?


The power of jorts. Go Team WWJD!

I was at work yesterday and had just gotten back to my desk from the vending machines with cherry Pop-Tarts in my hand. At that moment, I couldn’t imagine being any happier. Then, as I’m shoving them into my Pop-Tart hole, I get an email that completely obliterated any Pop-Tart joy I was feeling – it was THAT great.

Reader Mike wrote about running a team 5K at the Great Prostate Cancer Challenge in Towson, Maryland. The team ran in jorts. The team’s name was WWJD, as in ‘What Would Jorts Do?’ And he sent us pictures! Meet boyfriends #7-10: Pat, Mike, Brian, and Brian.

And even though Brian #1 didn’t wear jorts, he made up for it by giving us some almost-nakedness. So, uh, yeah, forgiven:

And then their action shots. Don’t legs look so much better in jorts?

More from Mike’s email:

“…placed 2nd with an average 5k time of 22:40ish. Slightly inexact due to chip time error – Who knew denim blocks the chip timer if you wear it in your pocket?! 🙂

Probably the highlight of the race for each of us was passing the serious, veteran runners over the last 1-2 kilometers while rocking the jorts.  Hopefully, we’ll add a few more runners to Team WWJD for the next 5k.

Thanks, and we look forward to sending some more pictures in the future!”

So lets review the power of jorts. They can help rock a 2nd place finish, make a Pop-Tart seem not all that awesome, make your legs look so much better, shame snob runners, and bring joy to me and oodles of viewers. Go Team WWJD!

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