If you see someone exercising in jeans, be sure to look closely.

The last post got me thinking about all the different denim-inspired clothing we have seen here at JoggingJeans.com. It is important that you are reminded so when you see someone exercising in them, you aren’t duped into thinking they are the real thing.

To begin, make sure those jeans you see aren’t jeggings (as modeled by Conan and by Cori):

JeggingsThe person that you see skiing in jeans might actually be wearing faux denim ski pants:

jean-snowpantOh, and who could forget PicNic Pants?

PicNicAnd do you remember the time I wore INKnBURNS’s denim look-a-like athletic pants, True Blue Performance Denim Capris, on a run, at the yoga studio, and at the gym? You’ll have to click the link to see the pictures of me.

Where were we? Oh, denim underwear are not jorts:

JeanPant1And denim swimwear really is a thing:

swimAnd, finally, the atrocious sandal boots are probably the closest thing we’ve seen to “real” jeans. And, certainly, they win the Most Hideous award.


Looks can be deceiving…

My Chuck Norris kicks ass IN JEANS post prompted me to look for other ways denim-wear has been modified beyond adding a gusset (bam!). I have learned one important thing: It is possible that the people you see jogging and exercising in jeans are NOT REALLY wearing jeans. “Huh?” you say. Well, My Friends, there is a growing trend in jean-inspired athletic and lounge wear.

Here is what you may ACTUALLY be seeing when you THINK you are seeing denim:

1.   Pajama Jeans. When they first came out, I was sure that Pajama Jeans were a pop culture joke. They’ve been around for long enough to squash that theory, right? The infomercial states:

……The style of your favorite jeans, together with the comfort of pajamas!

……Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you can’t look sharp!

If you are looking to buy, you have a choice to make: flaired or skinny!

2.    Jeggings. These are leggings that look like jeans. Conan O’Brian modeled these on his show last December.

.3.    Hybrid jeans/sweatpants

Diesel’s Jogg Jeans. From their “Secret Laboratory”:

Jogg Jeans are a unique fusion of design and groundbreaking new fabrics that combine the iconic style and durability of denim, with the relaxed attitude and comfort of jogging pants.


Dolce & Gabbana has a version priced at a mere $330 (!).

And good ol’ Levi’s  with their Elasticated Track Bottom Jeans

4.    Yoga Jeans by Second Denim Company. The site offers 67 (!) styles of jean-inspired yoga pants including a few corduroy styles. Corduroy!

So, Readers, are there any products I missed in this new niche market? What do you think of these jean-inspired clothes? Are you brave enough to admit that you considered purchasing any of them? 🙂


UPCOMING: On a whim, after writing this post, I wrote to the companies to see if they would send me a sample of their product to review on the site. Within MINUTES of sending an email to Second Denim, a representative responded and agreed to send out a pair of Yoga Jeans. I can hardly wait to get them!

But in the meantime, I am sorry to say that I had to delete all my hilarious (if I do say so myself) comments I had written in this post and am making every effort to clear my mental slate of opinions so that my review(s) can be objective. Stay tuned.

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