You are a fan of BroScienceLife, right?

To my fellow Gym Rat followers,

You know about BroScienceLife, right? If not, go over and check out the YouTube channel of Mike Tornabene and Gian Hunja. Mike and Gian are the comedic masterminds behind the obnoxious, douchebag Dom Mazzetti who makes gym culture hysterical. My favorites: Do you even lift?What is Crossfit?, What type of fitness chick are you? (warning: NSFW)

Recently, BroScienceLife blog featured some pictures in two recent posts:

CrossFit Love

CrossFitters = athletes that know how to rock fashion during workouts


Crossfit2Also, in the past, I wrote about CrossFitters in British Columbia who wore their best denim outfits to raise money for a children’s hospital there. A little taste of what you missed:

WODforkids See the whole post here.

CrossFit IN JEANS (and what may be my first ever girl crush)

On April 20, 2013, twenty four CrossFit gyms across British Columbia took part in the Jeans Day WOD For Kids, competing against each other to raise the most money for B.C. Children’s Hospital. Athletes wore their best denim outfits to workout in and raised over $15,000.

I have one word: KICKASS!

KICKASS for the genius idea! KICKASS for raising money for sick kids! KICKASS that boxes posted their pictures on the web!



CrossFit3And, OMG, did you notice this delicousness!? A full body denim suit!


And there you have it: what may be my first and probably only girl crush!

[UPDATE: You don’t need to point out her muscles to ME! I noticed her shoulders before I noticed the denim suit!]

Another activity that seems really wrong to do IN JEANS

So we cover jogging regularly here at, right? We’ve also seen martial arts, weight lifting, people on ellipticals and treadmills, and CrossFit.

But cheerleading? In jeans!?

Why would ANYONE think this is a good idea? Men want glimpses of ass cheek. Cheerleaders want to be able to move freely. Neither of those things are happening in jeans.


And look at these adorable, wholesome 1980’s cheerleaders in jeans. Times is changin’!!

Jorts and a “denim weight vest of sweat” has an Awesomeness Award that has been bestowed upon this guy.

We have a contender for the award who, although he is not running, is participating in a fitness activity that could be argued to be tougher to do in jeans than running: CrossFit.

Here is what Dan from LAX CrossFit wrote in his email to me:

“Halloween fun at LAX CrossFit. Not jogging…But I DID do 150 squats, 150 pushups, 150 pullups, and 150 situps in this denim weight vest of sweat.”

150 squats? AND

150 pushups? AND

150 pullups? AND

150 situps?!

But Dan does look AWESOME in his denim outfit, doesn’t he? Thanks for the photo, Dan!

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