Dedication Week, Day 1: Dan

I’m dedicating this first full week of 2013 to my favorite jean-joggers. The dedication week is because I love the guts of these people and they have done a lot in 2012 to further the running-in-denim cause. It also may be about buttering up some of the people that I wish would come to Pittsburgh and run one of the races here. The Pittsburgh Marathon is May 5th and Pittsburgh’s first Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon is August 4th. Actually, I wish all of you would make a special trip to run the streets of my beautiful city and so we can meet each other in person. Mark your calendars. Start saving your nickels. Email me if you have plans to visit and want to get together for a ‘hey.’ Creepos need not respond.

Day 1 is all about Dan. The Dan that ran two of his 12 marathons in 12 months in 12 states in 2012 IN JEANS. The Dan that grew a mustache for me and sends me pictures of others running in jeans and race signs. The Dan that got his own fan club here at due to his incredible amount of awesomeness. That Dan.

And I’ll say it one more time: step off.

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