A quick lesson on jogging in jeans

Good morning, Class. Welcome.

Davide, a follower from Italy, has been brightening my days by sending me pictures of himself running in a variety of costumes.* He REALLY made my day last month when he sent pictures from the Dieci Miglia di Maria Luigia (Google Translate helped me out: Maria Luidia 10 Miler).

Look closely at the pictures below. Davide does everything right: jorts, belt, dress shirt, big smile, and then sent race photos to me at JoggingJeans@gmail.com. Learn from this star student.

Class dismissed.


Jorts2The second photo sure looks like a good one for a JoggingJeans.com Motivational Poster background. Anyone wanna take a stab at creating the next one?

* As a result of Davide’s dedication to making me happy, I am dedicating three full weeks (!) over at BestRaceCostumes to his race costume photos. Head over there now and enjoy.

Track swag






Jogging in jeans via cinemagr.am

I’ve recently discovered cinemagr.am. And I got a feeling it is going to CHANGE things here at JoggingJeans.com.

The first jeans-in-the-gym creations (thanks @FUpaymeJD and @Official_Bruski) are AMAZING. I’m looking forward to more.

Guy at the gym in a button up shirt and jeans

What I see in the gym

And, yes, that is a dress shirt and a leather jacket. 🙂

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