Dedication! Commitment! Thank you!

I appreciate your dedication and commitment to getting pictures for me. In the past, at least one person risked death and another risked arrest. And if you know Elisa, you will know that pausing a workout for a picture is a BIG deal. Thanks, Friend. 🙂


And even if you don’t get that picture, be sure to tell me about the craziness that you see…because, in a weird way, it brightens my day!




Thanks to you all! Keep ’em coming!


#teamswole contest now tied – Tyler 2, Andy 2

In the #teamswole jean-wearing-photo-contest, @tyler_roots  is now tied with @Matrx with this awesome photo. Keep ’em coming, Guys!

Thanks, Ayla in Minnesota!

A big thanks to Ayla via Twitter for snapping this picture at her gym!

Okay…so this girl isn’t technically running (I think she is on an elliptical) but I can’t be picky with my early submissions. And I still think it is ridiculously funny to see people exercising  in jeans!

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