CrossFit IN JEANS (and what may be my first ever girl crush)

On April 20, 2013, twenty four CrossFit gyms across British Columbia took part in the Jeans Day WOD For Kids, competing against each other to raise the most money for B.C. Children’s Hospital. Athletes wore their best denim outfits to workout in and raised over $15,000.

I have one word: KICKASS!

KICKASS for the genius idea! KICKASS for raising money for sick kids! KICKASS that boxes posted their pictures on the web!



CrossFit3And, OMG, did you notice this delicousness!? A full body denim suit!


And there you have it: what may be my first and probably only girl crush!

[UPDATE: You don’t need to point out her muscles to ME! I noticed her shoulders before I noticed the denim suit!]

All together now, Ladies: [swoon]

If you’ve been around for awhile, you’ll remember my post about the guy that I named my soul mate. If you are new, the down and dirty background that you need to know is that the author of Life Is Savage posts pictures of people lifting weights in jeans and calls them “jean pant criminals.” I didn’t know about his site until after I started this one and immediately decided that he is my soul mate. ‘Cause, really, who can believe that there are two of us in this world that enjoy doing this? The kicker is that loved him BEFORE I saw his picture. I’ll say it again: Yowza!

I need to post this picture at least once a week.

Mr. ILoveYouWillYouMarryMe has posted three new “criminals” recently.

A guy who was working out in jeans and sunglasses:

A denim-clad guy with a jean-wearing friend:

And what, I agree, may be the greatest Jean Pant Criminal ever spotted:

Great jeans-in-the-gym Tweet and photo

I have to admit, I’m terrified to take pictures of people in jeans at my gym. My gym is a hardcore lifting gym and it would be very easy for the muscle-bound, grunting, sweating dude carrying around his gallon milk jug filled with water* to pound me to smitherines if he caught me doing it. I know that I certainly don’t have the stealth skills to pull it off. Calm and cool? Nope. I’d be awkward and nervous. And most certainly, I’d get busted.

However, if I could get a shot like THIS one, I’d totally be on it:

But know that when I do see people working out in jeans, I first smirk or giggle or shake my head (depending on the person). Then I imagine myself taking a picture, write a hypothetical post about it, and then lovingly think of all of you. That has to count for something, right?

* I am really annoyed by guys that do this. Also, the word “jug” is not used nearly enough (and I don’t mean in the “Look at the jugs on her!” sense, Guys).

Seen at the Gym Week, Day 7

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Chopped Off Head Edition

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I’m busting with jeans-in-the-gym pictures, BUSTING I tell you. So every day this week, you will be getting two (yes, TWO) pictures – one with someone on a treadmill IN JEANS and one with someone lifting weights IN JEANS.

I can hear your collective clanking, raised beer bottles, your cheers, and your “Wooohooo’s!” and “YESSSSS’s!” You are welcome.

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