The girl running in jeans isn’t the terrible part.

Stilettos + jorts = FAIL

I don’t know why there are always a large proportion of jean-wearers during stiletto races. Examples: Ladies, this post is for you. Men, this post is for you.

My guess is that the thinking goes something like this, “If I’m going to run in something as ridiculous as stilettos, I might as well pair them with something as ridiculous as jeans.”

Or in this case, “…something as ridiculous as jorts.”

(FYI, the link where I originally found these pictures is now dead)

The only thing harder than running in jeans…

…is running in jeans and stilettos. Not men this time but ladies! Click pic for source.

And I knew if I looked long enough, I’d find one where some poor girl is doing a face plant on the concrete. Fortunately, there are jeans in the picture as well so I can justify posting it.

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