Vin Diesel in the gym IN JEANS


Marilyn Monroe, an icon in more ways than one

A LOOONG time ago, I posted the following picture of Marilyn Monroe on a weight bench IN JEANS.


This week, I stumbled upon this picture of her RUNNING in those same jeans.


In the gym, pairing jeans with plaid shirts







Can we agree that the jeans-in-the-gym situation is getting out of hand?

I’m guessing this is sarcasm.


Working out IN JEANS and a towel on your dome

I love the StairMaster or the “sweat machine” as I like to call it. Forget paper towels to wipe down the machine after my workout, I need  a mop.*

The towel in today’s picture? I understand. The jeans? No comprendo.


*Part of the reason I sweat so much is because I do run/walk interval training on it. I’ve had a couple of close calls, and it is only a matter of time before a trip lands my ass on the floor. Afterwards, I fully expect awesome Janelle**, who sits at the trainer desk behind these machines at my gym, to be all “Bahaha, that is what you get for running on that thing.”

**If you are into kettlebells, check out her website. If you are into cool, genuinely nice people***, check out her website.

***The world needs more nice people.****

****How annoying am I being with asterisks?

Treadmill, jeans, and flip flops


Um….what?! (eating at the gym IN JEANS!)


Dedication! Commitment! Thank you!

I appreciate your dedication and commitment to getting pictures for me. In the past, at least one person risked death and another risked arrest. And if you know Elisa, you will know that pausing a workout for a picture is a BIG deal. Thanks, Friend. 🙂


And even if you don’t get that picture, be sure to tell me about the craziness that you see…because, in a weird way, it brightens my day!




Thanks to you all! Keep ’em coming!

Jorts AND jeans at the gym


All together now, Ladies: [swoon]

If you’ve been around for awhile, you’ll remember my post about the guy that I named my soul mate. If you are new, the down and dirty background that you need to know is that the author of Life Is Savage posts pictures of people lifting weights in jeans and calls them “jean pant criminals.” I didn’t know about his site until after I started this one and immediately decided that he is my soul mate. ‘Cause, really, who can believe that there are two of us in this world that enjoy doing this? The kicker is that loved him BEFORE I saw his picture. I’ll say it again: Yowza!

I need to post this picture at least once a week.

Mr. ILoveYouWillYouMarryMe has posted three new “criminals” recently.

A guy who was working out in jeans and sunglasses:

A denim-clad guy with a jean-wearing friend:

And what, I agree, may be the greatest Jean Pant Criminal ever spotted:

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