Jorts and a “denim weight vest of sweat” has an Awesomeness Award that has been bestowed upon this guy.

We have a contender for the award who, although he is not running, is participating in a fitness activity that could be argued to be tougher to do in jeans than running: CrossFit.

Here is what Dan from LAX CrossFit wrote in his email to me:

“Halloween fun at LAX CrossFit. Not jogging…But I DID do 150 squats, 150 pushups, 150 pullups, and 150 situps in this denim weight vest of sweat.”

150 squats? AND

150 pushups? AND

150 pullups? AND

150 situps?!

But Dan does look AWESOME in his denim outfit, doesn’t he? Thanks for the photo, Dan!

Halloween races IN JEANS!

I love Halloween races and the costume ideas that are both clever and running-friendly. We at especially love the costumes that involve jeans!

Kristen, aka the Swanky Dietician, submitted a picture from the 5K San Diego Mud Race on October 30th. She snapped the picture below of a jean-wearing hippy who ran the race and won the best-costume prize. You must read Kristen’s recount of the race. She had great fun, her costume was especially adorable, and she mentions TURDS!

Next is a picture, submitted by Michelle, from the Run through Hell race in Hell, Michigan also on October 30th. Michelle and I cannot figure out if this dude is wearing a bad 1980’s outfit costume or just has hideous fashion style. Gosh, please tell me that is a wig on his head! 🙂 Check out Michelle’s blog here.

Finally, here are two more jean-wearing joggers I found in the Run Through Hell photo galleries:

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