Santa running IN JORTS

SantaJortsWishing all of you a blessed and happy holiday!

Danny Denim IN PITTSBURGH for the Great Race!

The legend, Danny Denim, came to Pittsburgh this weekend to run the Great Race. He didn’t disappoint with his triple denim duds and had a “jorts PR” at the 5K with a time of 18:33 (2nd in age group).

DannyDenimGreat things about this morning’s Great Race:

1. Meeting Dan


2. Watching the faces of people looking at Dan while I was talking with him post-race. Their faces either said, “What the hell?” or “How awesome is that outfit?” All I can say is that watching their reactions was a whole lot of fun.

3. And I know this next picture has nothing to do with jogging in jeans, but these two little girls with their heads buried in books made me smile. Parents of these two, you get an A+.

ReadingAnd for those following along and wondering, I did not run. FU plantar fasciitis.

Guys at the gym in jeans WITH a sense of humor

We often see pictures of guys in the gym IN JEANS. But it has NEVER HAPPENED that we see guys in jeans at the gym who give us permission to laugh at them. Gotta love these two…A LOT.

Go Giants, Yay USA, Yay Pabst Blue Ribbon

Coach and endurance athlete, Dan, sent me this photo of a guy he saw getting ready to run the Hyannis Half Marathon on February 26, 2012.

Doesn’t this guy look fun? I wish he was my friend.

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