The girls are as bad as the guys…

I recently said that it is disturbing how quickly I can accumulate pictures of guys working out in jeans and inappropriate shoes. Oh wait. The girls are just as bad.

Sandals Boots




A runner IN JEANS and IN HEELS!

You would think that the girl who writes this blog would, when she looks at a picture, notice the guy running in jeans. Nope.

It took Susan, author of the blog She cooks, she runs!, to email me this picture of a guy IN JEANS and IN HEELS and point him out to me.

Perhaps, when I first looked at the photo earlier in the day, I was too distracted by the shoulders of the man in the center to notice Mr. BowTie in jeans?

The picture was taken during the 2011 Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Stiletto Run held on December 3, 2011 and was posted on yesterday’s RW Daily feature on the Runner’s World website.

Runner’s World shows a LOT of love. There was love on their Facebook page when the blog began and again this week with an AWESOME mention.

BTW, Mr. SexyShoulders won the Stiletto Run. Does anyone know his name so I can properly stalk acknowledge him?

UPDATE: When looking though the pics of the race, I found another good one:

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