Are denim skirts workout wear now?!

I was excited when we saw our first denim skirt on Remember it? The GUY in the Britney Spears circa 2001 outfit?

However, working out IN A DENIM SKIRT (any skirt for that matter) crosses the line even in my warped mind. Can we agree that this is NOT, and never has the ability to be, awesome?

The coolest Ragnar team

From what I can gather from their Flickr photostream, a group of people from Paradiso CrossFit in California put together a team for Ragnar Vegas. They had a Brittney Spears theme going on, and two of the running outfits were INCREDIBLE.

Here you have Justin and Britney from the 2001 American Music Awards:

Yes, My Friends, you are witnessing a jean skirt! A JEAN SKIRT! It is the first one we’ve seen here on and hopefully it is not the last.

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